Dr. Girlfriend Blogs is an aggregate website of my adventures in knitting, cooking, and exercising.  My original website Dr. Girlfriend Knits started in January 2004 as I documented my new interest in knitting and making my way through graduate school.

I began knitting in March 2002 after reading about knitting in an issue of Bust magazine.  My mommom officially taught me by showing me how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off.  I sat and patiently knit and purled small squares to get the hang of it.  Because my mommom had taught me to crochet as a little girl, I naturally held the yarn in my left hand and became a continental knitter.  My mommom likes to tell me that when she learned to knit (also after many years of crochet) that her friend who taught her told her she was doing it all wrong with her yarn on the left.  I was happy to eventually learn the knitting terminology and share with my mommom that her way isn't the "wrong" way, but that many knitters use the continental method.

Since my original lesson, I have knit scarves, sweaters, lace, intarsia, gloves, hats, baby blankets, and socks... many, many socks.  I have knit a few gifts, but I primarily knit for myself or by request.  I am a published pattern designer.  I created a "Sexie" top for Stitch n' Bitch Nation and some "Treads" socks for Son of a Stitch n' Bitch.  It was a great thrill to be contacted by Debbie Stoller since it was her original article in Bust that inspired my interest in knitting.  I also have a very popular fingerless glove pattern that has over 211 projects on Ravelry.

Check out my recent projects and patterns on Ravelry.

Since completing my PhD and officially becoming a Dr., I have been much busier and expanding my hobbies and interests.  Knitting still is important, but I have less time for it than I'd like.  I have also become finickier in my selection of projects, which slows progress.  My new motto is that if I'm going to devote my limited time to making something, I want to be sure that I really love the project.

The blog now features a lot of food.  While my husband is the primary cook in the house, I try my hand at various entrees from time to time.  More likely, you'll find all things baking related.  I've been experimenting with breads, cookies, and pies.

Most recently, I've added an exercise blog.  I want to be healthier and in better shape, but I need accountability or else I easily get lazy.  This blog is an attempt to record... mostly for myself... my exercise attempts.


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