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Great Customer Service


(Just going to mostly ignore the bloggie silence for several months. Let's just say it has been a HELL of a semester and there are 5 weeks left.)

Way back in December 2010, I got an awesome Webs gift card from my mom. And good knitter that I am, couldn't figure out what to get right away and ended up sitting on the gift card until today. About a week ago, I got an idea of something to knit and went looking for the appropriate needles only to find it seems that my needles (or the ones I needed/wanted) have vanished. I could have sworn that I used to have more circular needles, but apparently no or they have gotten lost or they are stuck in some unfinished project somewhere.

I decided that I could use the gift card to get some new needles in commonly used sizes so that I'd be better prepared. I picked out a bunch of needles, put them in the Webs cart, and went to check out. I tried twice and the site kept crashing. Ugh!

So I called up customer service to order via the phone. All was going well until the woman told me that the gift card had already been redeemed. What?! I've been sitting on this for over a year and I wouldn't have stuck it back on the bulletin board if I used it. Apparently it was redeemed in October. From what I could see from my order history, I hadn't ordered anything from Webs online since 2010. The woman very helpful checked into some things and suggested that maybe I paid through PayPal or under a different name. I checked my PayPal records while she did some more investigating on her end. I had no orders on PayPal to Webs and I would never have ordered under another name. The lady on the phone was very nice and decided that there had been some error and so allowed me to still use the gift card. Yay!! So I just ordered 8 needles for $15!

Thanks Webs and Webs customer service!!

Blog Hacking


I never realized how apt the term "hacking" was to dealing with computer and internet related things. Just trying to make a few simple changes to the old blog here results in hours of hack hack hack. In between those hacks are lots of curses, breaks, and near tears. I wish I understood web design and terminology better. I wish Movable Type had better online documentation about how to do things. Too much of their documentation assumes that you've been using MT for years and understand all of the special language, tags, and such.

I think I finally completed what I started a year ago with the upgrade to MT 5.whatever. There is now a parent website (drgirlfriend.com) and separate blogs for knitting (drgirlfriend.com/knits) and exercise (drgirlfriend.com/dr_girlfriend_exercises/). Both of those are collected at the blogs site (drgirlfriend.com/blogs). All of the pages and blogs have the same look, which is sleeker and more professional than my previous attempts at coding and styling. There's a dedicated page for the old archives from my first blog (though those archives are still broken without all the pics and links, but that's likely to be their permanent state now). I've got a nice little "about" page.

Hopefully your links will still get you here (all 2 of you who might still be reading). I hope the RSS still works. I've got it hooked into my google reader, so if this doesn't appear there, I'll have to figure that out somehow.

6+ hours over two days and what you see is the result. Let's hope it stays functional for a while!

Back on Track

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Well, that was unpleasant.

I opened the blog to add an entry since it has been about a month. And I couldn't connect. I just kept getting an error message. And so the only solution I could think of was to reinstall Movable Type. Oh yeah, remember how well that went a year ago?

So now, three hours later, it seems to be working. Fingers crossed.


Sweater Bug


Even though I really really really want a pretty lacy scarf in natural cream, and I started one. I was looking through the new Knitty and feeling the bug to knit a sweater.

Did you see SkyIsle? I love the tweed and the patterning at the top. I love that it is knit entirely in the round and seamless. I got a little excited about the prospect of steeking the front to make it a cardigan. This may be a passing infatuation... and I do have a half completed sweater (Liesl) that hasn't been knit on in a while. But Liesl is more Spring/Summer. I want a nice cozy winter sweater.

I need to look through my rav queue and see what I have marked in there as well. Because I've got a little secret... I have a gift card to Webs from last Christmas that I haven't spent yet!!! Ack!! I'm such a bad knitter.

It is funny how the end of the semester brings out my desire to tackle big knitting projects!

Purple and Cashmere

I believe that this scarf is my first completed lace project. I've had a few other projects with purposeful holes, but nothing with lace weight yarn and lots of purposeful holes. The pattern is a very simply 10 row repeat over 41 stitches, so it was easy to memorize and easy to sleuth if I ended up with the wrong stitch count. The pattern is by Classic Elite Yarns and is called Silky Alpaca Lace Scarf (rav link).

Blocking this was a pain in the butt because I don't have any tools for blocking lace patterns. After a little trial and error, I found that I could "stick" it to the carpet. Fortunately, I had just vacuumed.

The scarf only took about an hour or two to dry. So light and so pretty!!!

The final size was 9.5" wide and 42.5" long.



I haven't forgotten that I need to share with you the rest of the photos from Vermont and Rhinebeck, which are now a month+ old. Stop power outage for 4+ days really through things off around Halloween. Never again do I want a snow storm in October!

I've gotten into this little kick of making cookies on the weekends. Well, I've done it two weekends in a row. I know Kevin would like if it became a more regular weekend event. Although it does mean lots of cookies to be consumed (which has its ups [yum!] and downs [fat fat fatty!]). Two weekends ago, I made the margarita cookies from the Martha Stewart cookie app. They included some odd ingredients (rubbed sage!), but came out very yummy.

Last weekends cookies were whalers from "Great Cookies" by Carole Walter. This is my favorite cookie recipe book. I've made a bunch of her cookies and they are all fabulous. I mostly followed the recipe. I omitted the orange zest and only had regular sugar instead of superfine, but they still came out awesome.


They are primarily an egg cookie (if that makes sense)... kinda like a meringue cookie, but with yolks. They have rice crispies in them and white chocolate. So yummy!! I think that I want to try to make them again, but with coconut substituted for some or all of the rice crispies.

Preview - Vermont and Rhinebeck


Finally getting around to uploading my pictures from recent fun events...

You'll be soon seeing many photos from my Vermont mini-vacation.

And Rhinebeck!!!

I have been knitting!!


Two of Kevin's college friends welcomed new babies into their families at the end of the Spring. Spring babies don't make for good immediate recipients of cute, little knits as they spend their first few months in the heat of summer (and neither baby lives in a cold summer climate). And of course, I was slow to think of a project. Hopefully, these sweaters and hats will keep the babies warm throughout the winter and even into the spring.

I actually made the hats last since I had one skein left of each color. The yarn is Knit Picks Swish Worsted. It is very soft and machine washable. The hat pattern is the Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap. I found the pattern in the first Mason Dixon book. The pattern is written for Koigu or a similar light weight yarn. I used the pattern schematics to modify it for a worsted weight yarn. I hope it fits!! I didn't include the under the chin straps... I hope it will stay on their heads!

The sweaters are the Harvey Kimono pattern from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. I made the 12 month size so that hopefully if my gauge was a little off it will still fit them for a while. I thought it might be a good layering piece and the sleeves can always be rolled up.

Now that these are finished, I can go back to knitting Liesl. I'll try to get a picture of her soon. She's still just a long blob... haven't even made it to the armholes, although I did finish the pockets. Maybe she'll be finished by the Spring.

Crazy Cat Repetition

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