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Great Customer Service


(Just going to mostly ignore the bloggie silence for several months. Let's just say it has been a HELL of a semester and there are 5 weeks left.)

Way back in December 2010, I got an awesome Webs gift card from my mom. And good knitter that I am, couldn't figure out what to get right away and ended up sitting on the gift card until today. About a week ago, I got an idea of something to knit and went looking for the appropriate needles only to find it seems that my needles (or the ones I needed/wanted) have vanished. I could have sworn that I used to have more circular needles, but apparently no or they have gotten lost or they are stuck in some unfinished project somewhere.

I decided that I could use the gift card to get some new needles in commonly used sizes so that I'd be better prepared. I picked out a bunch of needles, put them in the Webs cart, and went to check out. I tried twice and the site kept crashing. Ugh!

So I called up customer service to order via the phone. All was going well until the woman told me that the gift card had already been redeemed. What?! I've been sitting on this for over a year and I wouldn't have stuck it back on the bulletin board if I used it. Apparently it was redeemed in October. From what I could see from my order history, I hadn't ordered anything from Webs online since 2010. The woman very helpful checked into some things and suggested that maybe I paid through PayPal or under a different name. I checked my PayPal records while she did some more investigating on her end. I had no orders on PayPal to Webs and I would never have ordered under another name. The lady on the phone was very nice and decided that there had been some error and so allowed me to still use the gift card. Yay!! So I just ordered 8 needles for $15!

Thanks Webs and Webs customer service!!

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